Missing update services on the RIDER

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The same thing has happened to me, £100!! For what!?

Seriously, what do I actually get for my £100?

When I bought this thing I was told it came with lifetime updates!

Am I missing something, because if I have to pay this every 90 days or annually TomTom can whistle...


  • AngryBird
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    @Hocks there never were lifetime updates on Smart Media System. Whoever told it to you - lied.

    Buying map for 35 quid a year - ok. Buying for 60 - not ok.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Hocks

    This series of posts are related to inbuilt navigation systems. In you profile you say you have a Rider 500 so is this what you are having an issue with. Look back here later to see what @VikramK has to say after he has reviewed your devices settings on the TT servers.

  • VikramK
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    Hi @Hocks

    Welcome to the community!
    My team has fixed the services for your TomTom, please do a soft reset and check for updates.

    Regards, Vikram