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just catching up on the prompted inputs to a thread I started a while back ( How to mark all threads read) and I'm finding on my tablet each time I touch the screen to scroll through the thread the "How would you rate our support? / Good / Bad" pop-up pops up and won't let me move on without me declaring my position on TomTom's support.

I also noticed they've made it all better again, it looks very different today. After a quick wander around I REALLY DON'T LIKE IT AND HUMBLY REQUEST THEY UN-BREAK IT AND STOP TRYING TO MAKE IT BETTER.... AND FAILING EVERY TIME.

Have never been too sure how to answer the "How would you rate our support?" because the most useful input comes not from TomTom but you lot.

I am also getting these 'kin annoying pop-ups as I scroll to check this and its making input VERY DIFFICULT.

Edit: and apologies to the author of the other, earlier, thread on this same topic. Apart from it not marking thread read is was all working OK. Now its just horrible!

And that 'kin pop-up is shredding my brain.


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    @Jürgen @VikramK
    Cookies are not properly set up as I constantly get

    even though I accept both and have deleted the old forum cookies!!
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    I have logged out then back in, its all very different but still a bit broken. There is an announcement in the News... about this new look which I felt compelled to comment on.

    I am not a fan of this new look. I also find it a lot slower than I remember.

    I have not tried the mark all threads option I was complaining about a while back. It was feedback from others on this that got me here today.