Update : 4PL50

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How I can install an update? The Support is uncapabel to help!


  • DougLap
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    Hi @Losehand

    Is your unit a GO520/5200 or one of the similar 6" versions from the TT wifi range.

    If it is then when your unit is connected directly to your Wifi and not connected to a PC when you turn your unit on and wait a few seconds it will indicate what updates if any you have. The you see the notification then Tap it and process the updates listed one at a time. You can check if there are any updates by going to Updates and New items in Settings.

    If you don't have a wifi source you can connect it to a PC connected to the internet and which has the My Drive Connect software running on the PC then when you see the screen saying do it the easy way use the menu options on the TT Device in settings to manage the updates.