GPRS-status disconected.

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I'm having troubel with getting Internet on 5100 with a buildin SIM. The GPRS is disconected with the code (23866,0,0,0,10,1) I have tried a factory reset, but it did not help. I have uploaded the nerwest sofware. TIl not connection.


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    Welcome to the site....
    1st try....
    Tomtom Video... What can I do if my Traffic services are not working?

    Be aware that on a Live Device... The SIM card is automatically deactivated if the Live Traffic on the device has >> NOT << been used for 18 months....
    Tomtom sends emails to the affected users and give 28 days notice before deactivating the SIM card... in the above circumstance the deactivated SIM cannot be reactivated....

    Maybe worth consideration... I think the SIM contacts oxidize over time and removing and replacing the SIM a few times remakes the connection....

    The SIM cards for the Live NAV3, NAV4 & NAV5 (Wi-Fi) devices are located under concealed flaps and/or stickers in various location on the devices....
    The Tomtom GO 5xxx & 6xxx Range of models Car, Camper and Truck are a NAV4 devices, there is no need to disassemble the device....
    If you hold your NAV4 Device upside-down i.e.... the connections at the top and with the screen facing away from you, the SIM is under the CE sticker to the left of the Micro USB port....

    With the device turned OFF...
    Carefully remove the sticker... It's advisable to use Antistatic precautions when handling the SIM... You will need a pair of fine pointed tweezers to remove the SIM
    If you pull out the SIM a little way, and reinsert it, repeat this a few times, it should now remake a good connection
    I used double-sided sticky tape to replace the CE sticker

    The above will void your Tomtom guarantee....
    All the usual disclaimers apply, all the above is at your own discretion....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Hi YFM.
    Thanks for your detailed and interesting reply.
    1. I have lifetime subscription to live traffic, and update the GPS regularly.
    So I do not think I fall into the category of disabled SIM.
    2. I'm not having issues with warranty. The device is 3 to 4 years old.
    3. I have tried what is shown on the video, without success.
    4. I have also disassembled the device at tried to clean the sim for corrosion, using a slight portion of Contact 60 cleaner. I even placed a small tape on the back of the sim to ensure it is pressed down on the connotes in Simslot.
    5. Nothing seems to work. But thanks for trick of removing the sticker. I was not aware of this way to get to the sim.
    6. I really like this unit where I do no have to pair with my mobile phone. But apparently they do not offer this any more. So I guess the only way from here is to by a new one that I need to pair with my mobile.
    7. I have one similar device for my second car an that still works. I jus concerned about for how long. I guess TomTom would like to get rid of devices with SIM. It probably cost them some money to the GPRS provider.
    8. Wish you the best regards Henrik