Unable to load/remove maps

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I have a TomTom Start 50 and since a few days I am not able to load or remove maps from the device.
When selecting the maps to be removed or installed MyDrive Connect stays on "Systeem wordt bijgwerkt", status does not change at all.
Device is directly connected to laptop/desktop and it is possible to perform updates and install/remove spoken languages. It seems to have a issue with the maps only.
Then I inserted a 16GB MicroSD HC which is found and formatted by the device but the issue remains.


  • VikramK
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    Hi @JeffreyCB
    Welcome to the community!
    There has to be at least one map installed on the internal memory to keep the device working.....
    As long as there is enough space on the internal memory of the device, MyDrive Connect won't allow installation of map to a memory card.

    We have activated a different Europe map that will allow you to download smaller map regions/countries based on your travel preference.


  • JeffreyCB
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    Hi VikramK,

    To be sure I reinstalled MyDrive as well. After reinstalling MyDrive it was possible to load the smaller maps as well on the device. In this case I was able to install the smaller maps on the SD Cards. Issue seems to be solved, much appreciated!

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