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I have a new Go Discover 7". S/N: ZWxxxxxxxxx78. I downloaded the My Drive Connect to my MAC desktop computer. I am running the latest Safari version 12.0.1. I updated the USA maps fully on the device. I want to add the European maps but they are not listed on the device as an addition and when I open My Drive Connect, my device is not shown on the opening screen. It is shown on my network in system preferences. The opening screen I see in My Drive Connect says "Update the device the easy way".

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    Go Discover is not compatible with the MyDrive connect app.

    Updates are via wi-fi
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    Then how do I add the European maps to my device. When I go on the device to settings > updates/add maps, I don't see how to add Europe. The device only says that my USA maps are up to date.
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    Hi @bbgeneva

    Look back here tomorrow to see what @lampard or @VikramK have to say. It is likely that your unit has not set itself up completely on the TT servers but they are able to sort that

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    Hi @bbgeneva
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    If the device is connected to a computer via USB cable, then please disconnect it.

    The device should be connected to a WiFi internet connection. GO TO >

    Main menu- Settings - Maps and Display - Download maps - Tap on 'Add' button highlighted in blue (right bottom corner)

    Regards, Vikram

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    Welcome to the site....
    GO Discover User guide...
    Note... The PDF version of the User guide is an easier read....

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    Thanks, resolved.