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As a car club organiser. I plane all our driving routes in MyDrive. If all my members have the app on their phone can they all use the same MyDrive login to access the routes.


  • Willy875
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    It is on the smartphone that members must register the identifiers of the Mydrive application.

    The problem you will encounter is all members will have access to your personal information.
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    If you use the MYDrive Web Route planner....

    When you have planned & calculated your .GPX Track, you can share it with the group....

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    Thanks for responses,
    I am trying to get away from each member having to upload onto a computer using their own login details.
    I was going to set up a club login and issue login details before going on drive. I will change password immediately we have finished. The beauty of the app is that a new route automatically appears in the “my routes” as soon as it is saved with the option to sync allowed.