GPS module both transmitter and receiver?

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I was hoping someone could clear something up. It was my understanding that the GPS module inside satellite navigation devices are just receivers and not transmitters. That is, they only receive information one-way, that is, from the satellite in space. It was my understanding that they do not transmit the information back.

However upon reading the START 62 USER GUIDE; it clearly states the device in question is both a receiver and transmitter. No Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or SIM CARD facilities are present in the device.

I hope this can be cleared up.



  • YamFazMan
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    Why do you have a concern about GPS module RF signals....

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  • WazWii
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    Hi YamFazMan,

    Two reasons.

    Firstly TomTom devices should not be tracking devices. If so they should be labelled as so.

    And secondly, and more importantly, I have reliable scientific evidence stating the potential harms of electromagnetic fields/frequencies. This is particularly concerning when in a vehicle that is made of a metal frame that can trap and increase these mentioned electromagnetic fields/frequencies.