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Cant Delete Maps on GO5200

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I've two Europe map files - 15000M in combined size and they take forever to update. As I don't need them and dont want the continual reminder to update message I want to delete them.

However when I go to "Remove Content From Your Device" in MyDriveConnect on my PC I can get to a window "Free Up Space on your Device", I can click the items I want to delete, scroll to the bottom and click "Delete Selected". Then nothing happens.

Essentially all I want to be left with on my SatNav is the UK and Ireland map (+ saved info on destinations, etc.) with all other entries on the Free Up Space window (countries and people) deleted.

Can someone help please.

OS is windows. My Drive Connect is v


  • DougLap
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    Hi @RobFJ

    What happens if whilst not connected to the PC you go to Settings/Maps on the GO5200 and select Delete a Map?

  • RobFJ
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    Hi @DougLap

    I get a message "Oops Something went wrong. Please try again." if I try to delete the Europe Map. (UK and RoI being the default map.)

    For info, I tried to upgrade the Europe map to see what happpened - I got the same error message.