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I am using BV international navigation tomtom on smartphone. On the mobile data road does not work. I go through several radars that log into the app but are not recorded by the app (when I pass it again they haven't been saved). How do I pay monthly and have the radar I saved updated in the app?

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  • lampard
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    Hi @Bibi7

    Welcome to the Community! The speed cameras are offered/shown when your phone has a mobile data connection. Double-check if you have the Traffic and Speed Cameras enabled in Main Menu> TomTom Services. When connected to TomTom services, all camera updates for fixed and mobile camera locations are received in real-time.

    Also, check if you have the alert setting enabled for Camera under Main Menu> Settings>Sounds & Warnings> Alerts & Sound. Make sure the speaker icon on the map screen is not disabled.

    Best, lampard