Tomtom xxl mapsnotworking

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updated my tomtom xxl to latest version using tomtom home application. after this my maps are not working. the error is: You can not use this map on this device .How can I use the maps. Please provide me maps


  • dhn
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    Wait till @VikramK sees your post on Monday. He may be able to help you. Check back.
  • VikramK
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    Hi @Garry791

    Welcome to the community!

    Could you send me the serial number of your device through a private message, please?

    Thanks, Vikram

  • h2omelon1
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    I'm having the same problem with my XXL550. I tried to install a map update and my device hasn't enough memory. The old USA map was deleted in the process. I need an older USA map that will take up less memory. My device has stopped working.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @h2omelon1

    @YamFazMan answered your identical question yesterday so as he said look back here to see if @VikramK can allocate a map to your account

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