Vibration from engine

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Hey everyone, does anyone have a solution for the Tom tom 550 vibrating while riding, I used to use the quad lock vibration dapener when I used my phone. Any help will be appreciated. tia


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    @Walshmefc , maybe consider a change of ride.

    Got mine on the bars of a Triumph Tiger1050. No vibration.

    Chances are its resonating at your normal rev range. Maybe try moving the thing to a difference place on the bike. You could just have it on a vibration node maximum. Look for a minimum. Try adding weight to change the resonant frequency or perhaps a weight decoupled through a rubber connection as per sky scraper damper.

    Also consider clamping over a rubber core to the bars. I have used self amalgamating rubber tape wrapped to build multiple layers like a big grommet. Stretch the stuff as you wrap it and it form a solid rubber mass.
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    The original RAM bals in the Riders box are also a rubber vibration dapener.

    The Rider does 't have a camera. This is the part that fails on many phones when mounted on a motorbike.
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    It occurs to add that vibration on a bike could be the factor the clever guys at TomTom forgot to include in the design spec and why so many owners are getting damp or misting inside their units.
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    The BMW IL4 is particularly vibey and it is confusing the TTR550 which keeps zooming out of the street level direction mode. Am running the oem charging mount on a SW Motech mount that bolts onto the handlebar clamp. Very irritating.