Ssangyong Tom Tom built in sat nav

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Hi Guys
I have a problem with my TomTom powered sat nav in my 2021 Ssangyong Reton, you may not be able to assist me as the sat nav is not a stand alone unit.
If I explain the problem I may be lucky and someone may be able to help. I have the latest Ssangyong Rexton model I wanted to update the software as the system that came installed on the AV as it only had one voice, I previously had the 2018 Ssangyong Rexton which also had TomTom powered sat nav I updated this unit on several occasions without issue, I downloaded the latest software and maps from the official Ssangyong website onto my laptop, I remove the SD card from the car and connected it to my laptop, as instructed I removed the original files from the SD card and copied the new files onto the SD card, I replaced the card into the AV and started the sat nav, when started the program should install along with the maps, this is where my problem started I received a message saying no upgrade file I tried every thing I could think of to get the file to install without success so now the sat nav does not work at all.
The files I downloaded were Y400EUAVNUpdate and a win zip file SYMS_A_1070.10887_Europe.
I looked at my car hand book and followed the information to find the settings and the program versions, there I found that the AV model was the Y450NC EU AVN which is different from the file I downloaded. I contacted my Ssangyong dealership and Ssangyong customer services to ask where I could find the correct software file but nether were any help. I also contacted TomTom customer service but they just referred me back to Ssangyong.
The car is only been available since September 2021 so I must assume that the software in as yet not available, so as a last result I am hoping a member of this forum may be involved in the programming and software side of TOMTOM and be able to help me find the correct program for my sat nav particularly as it must come from TOMTOM.
I have attached a picture showing the AV installed program versions in case this may be of assistance.
Thank in advance for any help