MyDrive connect doesn't open since update

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I have a MacBook version 10.15.7. MyDrive doesn't open since the update, so I can't update my TomTom Go5000. I also can't log in to the MyDrive via safari. I have uninstalled and reinstalled MyDrive app several times, even using the hyperlink below the main download button. Doing that I was able to download the app and open it. When I went to then log in a popup said I had to download an essential update as I couldn't use MyDrive without it. So I did and the app would not open. It is the update that is the problem. Don't have access to another computer for it as I don'y have admin authorisation to download apps on my work computer.

The update needs an urgent update to sort out the bug in the algorithm. Any ideas of a fix?


  • Willy875
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    The latest version available for Go 5000 is version: 21.100.0001 dated 08/19/21
    this version allows users to easily renew an expired service subscription directly on the device
    does not fix algorithm bugs.

    If Mydrive connect does not open it may be a security problem on Mac?
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    Thank you for your answer. I appreciate the response.

    I don't think it is the security. I've gone through the security settings and checked the firewall. I've checked the compatibility list and my version of OS is on the list. A friend is having a similar issue with a different version of tomtom and also is having difficulties on Crome too.

    I can't update anything directly on my device.