Terrible choise of case materials!!!

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I own a Rider 400 I bought in 2015. I've always treated it as a precious gem. I even went trough the trouble of clipping a protective screen protector to fit my unit by the milimiter. It is always stored in a very protective bag. I've used it about 10 times for 100 km routes max. Once I took it for a 14 days ride. Yes, mostly sunny days. for the last 2 years I haven't used it though.

When we see pictures of these products (also the 500 unit wich is very similar), and when you grab it, they seem able to whitstand a hurricane. However in practice, you all will find they will tell you a very different story.

My apparently robust unit is deteriorating like it is being afflicted with leprosy. My rubber on/off button broke in to small pieces a few days ago when I took it from its bag. The top and bottom plastic turn into modeling clay... literally! I can rip out small chunks of it with my fingernail... It's exactly the same kind of plastic that was used in some parts of my VW Golf dashboard and door handles.

Well, I guess when they mean "lifetime maps" it is probably 5 years max. Currently looking for another solution on the competition.