How do I reassemble the click-and-go mount for my GO 5200

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The click-and-go mount for my GO 5200 has come apart - there's now a spring plus 2 plastic bits that need to be refitted together. I can sort of see where the separate bits are meant to end up: 2 tabs + gaps (1 thicker, 1 thinner), 3 other little tabs + gaps, corkscrew-type bits, and the bevel that can be either locked or unlocked... but it's not obvious how to actually work with all those bits and variables to get it back together.
Can anyone advise? Or point me to a nice video online? See below for what it looks like currently.553vnem87gpl.jpg


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    no videos for this

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    Welcome to the site....
    (1)... Undo and. remove the 3 cross head screws shown on the image in your post
    (2)... Separate the Locking ring and the Mount body
    (3)... Mount the spring onto the boss in the centre of the suction cup
    (4)... Then with the small ears of the suction cup horizontal, as in the image below

    (5)… Place the locking ring over the sub assembly... With the locking Clip at the bottom

    (6)... With a finger and thumb, each side of the suction cup assembly, squeeze the assembly together... The quick start thread will engage and start to rotate clockwise
    (7)… Continue rotating the Locking ring until the locking clip engages and locks
    (Note... The triple start quick thread can engage in any one of 3 positions, when in the correct location the bump on the outer locking ring and the locking clip both align)

    (8)... place the suction cup assembly into the mount, aligning the 3 fixing holes as below

    If the triple start quick thread is correctly aligned, when the Mount is locked the bump on the outer locking ring will face the front/centre of the mount

    (9)... Bend-up the edge of suction cup and replace the 3 cross head screws.... When you have started the thread on the 3 screws, go around and tighten the screws evenly....

    Tip... Use a magnetic screwdriver when assembling the mount, it makes life a lot easier....
    Tip... When removing the mount... Turn the locking ring fully anticlockwise, until it stops... Then use the small ears on the suction cup to release the vacuum on the suction cup....

    Stay Safe... ATB YFM
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    Thanks, YamFazMan. I'll try that.