Incorrect Speed Limits

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Peter Downes
Once again I have allowed all 4 of my Tomtom GPS's to update in the ridiculous notion that your Company may have fixed all their errors in data updates. All of them now have worse accuracy when it comes to Australian speed limits than ever before. This problem started about 7 uploads ago and I have made previous mention of it on this site, in the hope your Company will do something about it, but no. It's now just so ridiculous that I am researching going to another brand after 20 years with you. Some examples, and in the last 12 months I have travelled all over Australia, 100kph open road speed zones in many areas show up as 50kph on your devices, 50kph speed zones through country towns show up as 80kph on your devices. The main thoroughfare into my home town of Victor Harbor SA is 60kph. Driving into the town is shown as 60kph on your devices which is correct but leaving the town it's shown as 50kph! I estimate that at least 60% of your posted speed limits are incorrect. Will you Company ever try to resolve these problems or are you just going to let your name drag in the dirt?


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    report in mapshare
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    Where in Mapshare and what will that do?
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    Report errors here,0.00000,2 to have Tomtom correct errors on the map.
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    It appears you have to zoom in to a particular location on the Maps. This Problem is basically Australia wide. As far as a can estimate about 60 or more % of the posted speed limits by TomTom are incorrect. How do I report that to MapShare. I reported it once before on Facebook TomTom Page, but that went nowhere. I have 4 TomTom GPS's for my drivers and it's amazing how a huge International Company can get it so wrong.
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    I live in Northern Ireland. Taxi drivers in Belfast never use build-in navigation systems with TomTom maps. Instead they relay on Google maps on the mobile. Having build-in navigation system in my Renault Megan, I understand whey taxists don't use it. TT unreliable, confusing and even can be dangerous in use.
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    Hi I have the same problem in Switzerland.
    Nobody at TT seems to care.
    I've given up posting new messages.
    Too bad.
    TT could actually update speeds automatically by having the devices send messages if several devices do not adhere to the set speeds. If everyone drives 100km / h instead of 80km / h, then something is wrong on the map.