Electromagnetic Radiation of TOMTOM START 62?

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I am hoping someone can help. I have asked this question to TOMTOM customer services and was not given a suitable reply.

It is quite clear that in the START 62 USER MANUAL it states device should be held 20cm away from the body. How can one do this? To update this device and to move it around when, say, using with ones computer due to mydrive connect it is quite clear that the device is closer than 20cm to the body.

The other issue is what is it in this device that is emitting this radiation? Because to my knowledge this is not a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth equipped device.

I was under the impression that the GPS module is a receiver, that is, it is not a transmitter because it does not send out information.

I hope someone can clear all this up. I am concerned about any potential Electromagnetic radiation that I am being exposed to; particularly in the vehicle as the metal/steel structure of the vehicle acts as a faraday cage and thus increases the risk to the driver/passengers.

I hope someone at TOMTOM is taking these health and safety concerns very seriously.

Thank you.


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    Thanks for the reply mate.

    When was this user manual last updated? Because this is not what I read on the version I read. 100% sure on this.