Which is the Newest TomTom Model?

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I've had TomTom devices for at least the last 10 years, and whilst I like them, they've always been very very slow.

I was looking to buy a new model for the car, but I'm confused as to which is the best most up to date model. The Go Premium is the most expensive and with it's name you might expect it to be the most full featured. But the product description for the Go Discover seems to make a big deal about it having additional features and being faster. So is the Go Discover the newest model?

Assuming the Go Discover is the newest model, why doesn't it have a SIM? That would seem like a step backwards..



PS - I did try contacting TomTom to ask them directly but found it impossible to get through to anyone!


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    Hi @MattWilliams2321

    The GO Discover is the latest release from Tomtom. It does not have an inbuilt sim so in that regard it is similar to the GO520/620 etc. Tomtom have not indicate whether or not it is their intention to release an inbuilt sim version and as you can see from the info @fergussion posted they were planning a 4G sim version of the GO Expert, the new Truck unit, but they have had to cancel it. The GO Premium and similar Sim included units utilise a 2g sim which will cease to operate eventually as countries turn 2g Off ie Switzerland. Who is to say that they will not turn Off 4g in the future as there are already suggestions that 3g may go and in some countries before 2g.

    Regarding the GO Discover it is faster but it does not have the facility to add your own 3rd Party POI files and we will have to wait and see if that functionality is added at some stage. Also as in some of the earlier no Sim models Cameras and Live services are subject to subscription.

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    (Snip) I was looking to buy a new model for the car, but I'm confused as to which is the best, most up-to-date model (Snip)
    For me, better or latest....
    GO Premium... I use 3rd party POI's + Traffic over GPRS SIM = Better
    GO Discover.... I like the 7" Screen - No 3rd party POI's - No Live Traffic over GPRS SIM = Latest

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