Trying to connect HJC 20B intercom with Tom Tom and ohone

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Hey everyone, hoping someone can save me from going mad, I have brought the Tom Tom 550 and can connect it to my phone so I can use the my drive app, but the minute I pair my HJC intercom 20B to the phone or to the sat nav, it kills the connection between the phone and the sat nav. Has anyone had any success pairing it all so you can take calls etc?


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    Hi there @Walshmefc -

    Since the Bluetooth/MyDrive app data pairing issue regarding iOS 13+ operating systems on Apple iPhones, I have directly paired my Rider 500 to my iPhone and have received traffic/camera data perfectly for the last 2 years. This is what I did:

    1. - Deleted the MyDrive app on my iPhone
    2. - Deleted old Bluetooth pairings of the Rider on my iPhone
    3. - Connected the Rider to my iPhone over Bluetooth directly
    4. - Installed the MyDrive app -
    5. - DID NOT pair my Rider through Bluetooth via the MyDrive app
    6. - Have personal hotspot on my iPhone turned ON (Bluetooth and USB only - you need to have WiFi disabled on an iPhone to do this)
    7. - Within the TomTom Bluetooth menu settings for the connected iPhone, I have Data for Traffic & other services turned on but NOT for Smartphone messages or See who is calling and if your headset allows it, High quality (A2DP).
    -Some of the above information has been reproduced from JURES, another forum contributor.

    I personally just use the MyDrive app (signed in to my account) just to send routes/destinations to my Rider - but -
    JUST DON’T PAIR your Rider via Bluetooth within the MyDrive app!

    What this entails on users particular devices operating under iOS 13+ is that they have currently lost the ability to receive stable text/phone call information/answer calls on their Rider navigation screen. I have also paired my Sena 5s communication system directly to my iPhone with no combined issues.