Live traffic via Bluetooth no longer working on GO 520

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I cannot get Live Traffic working stable on my GO 520 anymore.
Already had this problem in June this year. Could not get it fixed. Got stuck in a traffic jam this week. So really would like to get Live Traffic fixed. So again tried a lot of things. But not yet able to solve it.

Reset the device, setup via Wifi, connect Smart Phone (Android) via Bluetooth.
It works.
Reboot the device and try again. Works. (but at home it uses Wifi)
Remove Wifi settings.
Reboot. Device connects via Bluetooth to the Smart Phone, bluetooth tetheringen turned on.
GO 520 shows Bluetooth connected, but MyDrive and Live Traffic: service not available

Remove my phone settings in the GO 520 and the TomTom in the Smart Phone.
Reboot both.
Perform Bluetooth pairing between the GO 520 and Smart Phone: Traffic works.
Reboot both.
Not working anymore.

I seem to be able to get the same results every time. Works when paired first time. Next time... not.
Tried my girlfriends phone. That has the same problem.
Both worked fine half a year ago.

Any tips? What am I missing?
I have a feeling to log-in t the TomTom servers fails the next time the GO 520 connects via Bluetooth. But how to check?

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