550 Make it stop? How?

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Lets say I navigated to an area rather than a specific destination. As I get close I know where to go but it wants to take me to the center of town. Most other satnavs have a "stop navigating" option, but I can't find on on the 550


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    Tap: Menu/current route/ delete route
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    What if I like the route and don't want to delete it. I just want to stop it? For instance: if I have a regular route that takes me to Sheffield but there are several places in Sheffield that I visit, I want to stop it from taking me to the city center but still keep that route for next time. Every other satnav including the cheap ones and my phone have an "end Navigation" routine.
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    Planning/Saving a route using the Rider 550....
    Plan and calculate your route.....
    Pinch zoom in on the route....
    Tap anywhere on the displayed route...
    A new window opens, Tap Manage route --> Tap Add to my routes... Follow the on-screen instructions.... The route is saved to MyRoutes on the device....

    To clear the current route (Not delete)
    On the Navigation screen, Tap the Crossed Compass Icon...

    Or Tap 4Dot (.... Menu) --> Current route --> Clear route....

    Maybe useful.... Route planning Info....

    Stay safe... ATB YFM