Bluetooth connectivity problems with discovery 7

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Please excuse my ignorance as I’m new on here I’m just looking for a remedy for my problem.

I recently purchased a go Discovery 7 I have paired it with the Bluetooth on my phone. It works perfectly okay the only issue I have is connectivity problems. When is use my AirPods to answer calls they keep switching on and off as if there is a problem with Bluetooth.
I also have the same issue when I connect my phone to my radio it switches on and off.

Is there an issue with the new discovery what causes Bluetooth issues where as any items also connected to my phone intermittently work this is really getting on my nerves now.

I tried an experiment yesterday and went back to an old Tom Tom and I had no issues whatsoever with Bluetooth in my van so must be the new discovery could somebody please advise if possible.


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    does phone support dual pairing?
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    Got to be honest not quite sure.
    I had an iPhone 11 and also an iPhone 13 this issue is happening on both phones I’m going to have a look now
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    I have the same problem with Go Expert 6, bluetooth headphones randomly disconnect.

    If I power off the Go Expert ( or go back to the 6250 ) problem stops.

    I have had problems with the below devices, and this only started with the GO Expert

    iPhone 12 & 13
    AirPods 2, 3 and Pro
    Powerbeats Pro

    Just a note, that contacting Customer Support, is a kin to contacting a Windows support level 1 technician, painful.

    Cut and Paste solutions such as turn on/off, reset profiles, ignoring the information supplied by the customer.
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    Same thing happens to me with Rider 550 and iPhone 12. I have the Rider paired to Bluetooth hotspot for traffic data service. I have my headphones paired to iPhone for music. Every 2 minutes the music switches off momentarily and then switches back on. I assume it is the Rider obtaining traffic information every 2 minutes. Very annoying!