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According to the tomtom website the BMW Motorrad Connectedride app, it says
Through the BMW Motorrad app, riders receive TomTom’s market-leading navigation software and services: maps, real-time traffic, weather and speed camera information. To ensure riders never miss a turn, our up-to-date TomTom Route Guidance provides turn-by-turn instruction. And with access to a community database that offers hundreds of rider-tested routes, BMW Motorrad customers can choose the ones that fit whatever thrill they seek, be it a scenic tour or winding, hilly ride.

In which case why aren't cameras supported? Traffic is, but when i contacted BMW they said cameras were and there weren't any plans to have them??


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    Hi @smudger64
    Since we are not the official developers of the app, it's difficult to tell, but this could be related to changes in the contract we have.

    Thanks, Vikram