TT GO Nav App > Permissions > Location rights to be expanded

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lampard wrote:
... but already forwarded this as a feature request for the product team. ...
Hi @lampard
Would you please also forward this FR to the team for discussion?



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    Hi @MUP , what do you want to discuss about location permission?
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    He is talking about the location permission:

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    That's correct.

    Some times (not permanent!) AA has a strong focus given by Android 12, then TT GO Nav is not able to operate in the background because of missing right "All the time" as other Apps have.

    There was a FR according this missing right in the German TT Forum some time ago, but no answer.
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    This is actually a major issue and the reason why I cancelled my subscription and moved over to sygic. Unless tomtom is started on the phone prior to connecting to the car it doesnt get location at all...and that makes it useless.