My Truck Go Essential keeps losing position

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When stopped or mid route, my truck go essential will suddenly decide it's not on the route anymore and position itself in the middle of adjacent buildings or side roads. It will also randomly rotate the map through 180 degrees when stopped too. It loses satellite connection. It is dreadful trying to follow a route through a busy city in a 32 ton artic. Neither of my other Tom Tom units are like this. Any suggestions?


  • rider1rider
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    do a reset
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    Hi @Paul500x

    Does this happen when you are in position surrounded by lots of high buildings and or trees? If you are in an area with buildings it can lose the connection to the sats and will pick it up again when you move . When you lose the connection it can wander around bait.

  • Paul500x
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    Hi, will try a reset. It goes off on its own even when connected!!