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I bought second hand TomTom GO Camper from a user today. This device has been registered to the TomTom My Drive system. The buyer did not use it because he was old. I bought it, but I cannot register the device to my own account because it does not know the password and the e-mail address does not belong to him. How do I find a solution?
I sent an e-mail to the registered e-mail address, but this e-mail address cannot be used.


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    Hi @janberk

    Select Reset Device in Settings/System and the unit will do a Factory Reset however it will retain the existing Map and Operating Software versions. You will delete all the previous owners details and you will be asked to set the unit up from scratch including inputting your own Tomtom Account and Password.

    If it has not been used for sometime then there may be some updates and so do these 1 at a time with any Operating Software being done first.