GO 620 mount need a new suction disc tomtom

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I need a new suction disc for the above device, cannot see the exact same thing on the website and not sure what will fit. my device. Any suggestions please


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    suitable for your Go 620 Active Magnetic Mount & Charger https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/navigation/accessories/mounts-docks/click-go-mount-charger/
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    Hi All,

    I would like to get advice on how what to do : the tomtom mount doesnt hold to the windscreen anymore . It is a model I bought in 2016 and the suction cup stopped sticking this year (after 5 years).

    I tried different types of glue and stickers but it didn't work. The problem is the suction cup only.

    I have seen the mount is available for 60 dollars but I don't need all the parts sold. Is is possible to just get the supply for the part that sticks to the windscreen (on the left on the picture)? I also imagine the replacement would then be at a lower cost. I don't like buying parts that I don't need / already have.

    Alternatively, are there cheaper universal parts that would work with this model?


    there is also a air vent that would be adapted to this model. It presents the advantage of being used in different vehicule as opposed to the other one and to protect me from encountering the suction issue again but that would, I fear, not leave enough space to hang my phone on the air vent.


    (I am not very happy with this relatively expensive extra expense , considering the mobile radar feature is no longer functioning, even through mydrive because the sim card is of an older generation.)
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    I have exactly the same problem. Seems wrong to have to buy a lead and a charger I dont need, even if I have to but a complete mount this would surely be better. If this is a common problem why do TomTom not sell the mount alone?
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    Try searching eBay... The lower Suction Cup & Ball part of the Click & GO is available as a separate unit from £15.00 with Free P&P

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