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I have upgraded my iPhone today and my paid for TomTom Western Europe has disappeared and I am being directed to upgrade to TomTom Go which I’m guessing I will have to pay for which is very unfair as I paid for the full version and the Homer voice for directions


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    Hi @Tractor_Boy_62

    Welcome to the community! The old navigation app is the end of life and not available for download anymore. With the release of our 3rd generation navigation app - TomTom GO Navigation - we can no longer migrate users from our 1st gen app: The Navigation app for iPhone. We supported the migration to the 2nd gen app: TomTom GO Mobile for more than three years, ensuring that as many users as possible were compensated.

    I would advise you get in touch with our support and see if they can help you with this one. You can either start a live chat or send them an email.

    Best, lampard
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    It's more than a little annoying that TomTom refuse to provide a copy of the original TomTom Navigator app that people have paid for. It still works just fine on iOS 15. For all I know if they would still sell us the monthly subscriptions Traffic would still work too.

    When back in August 2017 TomTom stopped selling Traffic subscriptions for TomTom Navigator Western Europe I stacked up monthly subs until January 2020. My regret is that I didn't purchase another few years support.

    I still have TomTom Navigator Western Europe version 1.29 working on an iPhone 12 Pro Max, an iPhone Xs Max & an iPhone 6s. The trick is to ensure that you disable "Offload Unused Apps" as if you don't use the app for a while & iOS deletes the app there is no way of restoring it other than restoring a backup.
    I quite often still use the original TomTom Navigator Western Europe when I want to find a particular address. The search facility in the current version is not always accurate & of course dependent on a working network which renders it useless if there is no signal. It's much more intuitive & quicker to drill down into a specific address by entering Town->Street->Number