Saved route behavior on the Start 52

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Hello, I am the owner of a Tomtom start 52, I wanted to know why once I have saved a route (where I have avoided some roads) the tomtom searches for the fastest route and then makes me pass on those roads that I have avoided


  • rider1rider
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    create route in mydrive and sync as track
  • Willy875
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    After choosing your alternative route you click again on go.
  • DougLap
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    Hi @Tony46

    If you create a route on the device the file generated is a .itn file. If you select the.route from the units My Routes list where it will have an arrow against it with a solid shaft then the device will seek the quickest route that satisfies the destination/stops required. This will take into Traffic conditions both at the start and during the drive.

    If you create a route on the My Route website or in the My Drive App then saved it there and then synced it to your device you have created a .gpx file or Track which is a fixed route. When you sync this to the device then this route appears in the My Routes list with a segmented shaft on the arrow and when selected from My Routes will be followed exactly as you have designed and will not take any notice of any Traffic issues that may exist on the route.