Direct Import GPX files

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One of the features I miss on the app compared to others I use is that lack of support for importing GPX files directly into the app. Yes I know you can do it via MyDrive but that is only available on a computer. Apps such as Scenic, Calimoto and Beeline can import GPX files directly from your iPhone files.

Is this a feature in the pipeline ? If not why not ? Could it be ? Please.


  • eddydc
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    Custom POI is still not supported and it seems that TT doesn't have a hurry to add this feature at all.
  • Levisp
    Levisp Registered Users Posts: 92
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    Why is there so little interest in the ability to import a GPX file ? Does everyone using this app are happy with point and go. Pity.
  • Terraenlla
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    I also don't understand why you can't upload a GPX file directly from the phone to the App. It's a very logical and increasingly routine action. I don't understand why neither Go nor the MyDrive App has this option