TomTom GO mis-leading sale

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I bought the 7” version of the above device which said it had world maps installed but only Europe was installed. When I tried to install North America it accepted USA but then I could not load Canada due to lack of memory.
Why does the about this device state installed maps as world when this is not possible due to capacity.
Does anybody else think this item is mis-sold


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    I don't have a Go Discover

    The GO Discover has 32 GB internal memory I'm surprised that you couldn't install the world maps.
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    I do not think the product is being mis-sold at all.
    Do you expect the complete world to be installed? Really? Can you imagine the processing required to update such a device with all the amendments being made?

    The individual continents can be added as an when you require them. If space is an issue then delete some maps that are already installed but not used. They can always be reinstalled when you actually need them. They are very quick to upload; you've updated USA, that would be 50-states ... do you intend visiting them all on the one trip before Canada whilst still maintaining Europe?
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    The go expert device for £ 350 has live services for only one year. I think it's a rip off and you still need to read well to find out about it.

    • After the 1-year Speed Camera and LIVE Services trial you can extend the service by purchasing a subscription.

    Avoid traffic with live TomTom Traffic updates, delivered via Bluetooth. Find the fastest routes and get accurate estimated times of arrival. Drive safer with upcoming traffic and jam tail warnings, plus 1 year of speed camera alerts.***

    *** Keep going with live services on your sat nav by switching to a subscription after your trial. Speed Camera Services must only be used in accordance with national laws and regulations of the country where you are driving. This functionality is specifically prohibited in some countries/jurisdictions. Please make sure to check if these services are legal in the country where you are driving before using/activating the services. Any illegal use of this service is strictly at your own risk. TomTom assumes no responsibility for the illegal use of these alerts.

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    Hi @mossy65

    The World maps are available for you and you can add or delete maps as they are required. As you are in the UK you can have the UK map and just then load those European Countries maps that you require if any. When you are needing the USA and Canada you can add those parts of the USA and Canada you need. As long as you have the maps that cover the routes you will be taking you don't need to have every country or state in a map area so for example are you going to need Russia and Turkey which are taking up way more than Canada requires.