Android Auto and GPS source

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My car (Opel Zafira) has a built in navi. The built in navi determines my position not only considering the GPS signal, but in addition by counting the revolutions of the wheels and considering the steering angle. So it "knows" my position even without GPS signals, e.g. in tunnels or in narrow roads between high buildings. This "navi position" is output via Android Auto, and Google Maps and Waze use this position.

TomTom Go does not, so it is much worse in tunnels, underground garages, narrow roads between high buildings etc. WHY???


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    Because only GM and Waze (Also in hands of Google) are allowed to use it. Other apps are limited by Google. Like other apps can only show 6 items in a list, no current street in map etc. Something about monopoly position....
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    Are you sure? If it is true, it is (at least here in Europe) a criminal act: abuse of market-dominant position. I fully understand the other limits, the more information on the head unit of the car, the more the driver is distracted and traffic security impaired. Waze and Google Maps limit the information on the display, too (when they use Android Auto). However, an accurate position even with poor GPS signals IMPROVES traffic security, so there is no justification for such a limitation, esp. when Google's products use the "navi position".