Water under the screen

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Hi! yesterday i had a new problem, i went for swimming and it showed me low batter (when i was already in the water) from that moment watch started to vibrating and didnt stop till it was completely uncharged. at home as i wanted to charge them any time i connect them it started to vibrate again, then i realized that i think it got water under the screen from 2 sides. i put it in the rice bag..... but is that anything else that i can do, to save them? Nothing changed after two days, if put them on charge they start to vibrate. Im in Thailand now,


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    Once it has dried out let the battery drain completely and then do a factory reset. it sounds like the waterproof seal has failed so I would not get it went again if you can recover it. If this does not work the watch is fried and since it is discontinued and out of warranty it will be time for a new watch.