How to choose TomTom functionality

Proud owner here of two obsolete TomTom's. I feel it is a waste, having to buy 2 new devices again, however, I must choose. I see that that live Traffic function hooks onto your cellphone, and keeps you up to date. Will that be the better choice to avoid having to buy a new device every few years because it becomes obsolete? Or will Garmin have a better deal on longevity? I tried to research but don't seem to get it.


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    Hi @Jetje

    As you may know i will say TomTom is the best ;-)

    Let's see is some other users can provide you more details on other brands to help you to make your choice.

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    Hi, I would say just using the phone app will do the basic tasks and you will always be up to date.

    The subscriptions costs are pretty low and you can always send map reports easily using the map reporter.

    I have not used the physical TomTom's, so others please post your feedback.
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    I get too many messages on my cell phone, text, whatsapp etc, and therefor really want to keep the device separate. Their website is very unclear. Links seem to loop to the same stuff. Slick but not informative at all.
    I thought that live traffic gets you the updates as you drive on accidents or separate roads. I thought that the separate device connects to your cell phone. I certainly don't want to use the navigation ON my cell phone.