So it looks like I may need a new Satnav

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Hi, it looks like my old Via135 may be on its way out and I will be needing a new one
BUT, I need it to do what my old one does
I NEED the facility to manage my own POI's direct from the screen, ie: Add POI category, Add POI, Delete POI etc, furthermore I need it to warn when near a POI
Navigating to one of my own POI's is essential for me as well
Uploading my own bitmap file would also be nice but not essential
Is such a device still available or will I need to look towards another manufacturer or 2nd hand?
Not bothered about all of the new stuff, the built in satnav in the car does that, but am prepared to pay the price for one that does what I want it to


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    Hello MarkWL,

    You may reference more info here above from another user who kindly explained :) ^^

    I believe any GPS will warn you when near the POI to run or such.

    Premium TomTom uses 2g sim for traffic except you use your car wifi or hotspot it should be fine.

    The TomTom Go app is pretty good too :) Though can't add custom POI"s through file, but you can add your own places in the my drive :)


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    Thank you for the reply but that only explains how to load 3rd party POI's onto the SatNav, I need a SatNav that will warn me when I am near a POI