TomTom Runner 2 and humidity issues

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I found an old thread on Multisport watch and humidity issues, and no real solution. I have a Runner 2 that I've used for five years for running, hiking and bicycling, sometimes in rain, but never swimming or in the shower. Some time ago noticed some accumulated moisture under the screen that partly grayed the screen. The watch continued working properly. This morning when I had had the watch charging for a while I noticed that the screen had gone completely blank (gray). If I touch the screen, it "turns on", and I can test that the button works correctly, and the watch is charging properly. Has anyone else had the similar problem, and been able to solve it?


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    It sounds like the waterproof seal failed at some point and the components are now damaged. When you touch the screen and it 'turns on' what happens, does the full display come back or does it just change colors? As far as solving it, there is really not much to do, the watch is obsolete and TT Sports went out of business 4 years ago. You can try putting the watch in rice or something to dry out the moisture and see if that helps but otherwise you are going to need to get a new watch.