TomTom GO will not load routes planned using MyDrive

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Before last weekend I loaded a number of .gpx files for some Adventure Rides into MyDrive. Once imported I used MyDrive to convert them into routes and saved the original and the converted into MyRoutes. Ticked the option to make the routes available on the TomTomGO Nav app on my phone. After a few hours of careful planning and editing I checked I could see the routes listed in TomTom Go as MyRoutes.

The next days after riding for 2 hours to the start of the rides I went to load the 1st route and when trying to open the original .gpx and edited routes, TomTomGo refused the load the route and says "No Route Possible" . If it wasn't for the fact we managed to get the routes into Scenic that would have been a serious issue for the 3 days of riding.

Why can a ride plan be made using TomTom MyDrive not be loaded and displayed using TomTom Go Nav on the iPhone?

If this isn't possible then I will have to go back to using the Garmin Zumo from my previous bike, I was hoping that TomTom Go Nav would replace the Zumo as the new bike has ApplePlay


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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    Have you included the Ferry Connections Oceania map which may also include some bridges?