Database Updates Deferred and Updated Differently

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Could someone explain what does Database Updates Deferred & Database Updates Differently mean?

I see it in my dashboard, it shows as accepted but what it mean?




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    Hi @Shawnloveshorses_161
    Sorry about the late reply...

    Database Updates Deferred:

    This means report will get resolved later and later releases.

    Database Alternatively Updated:

    Instead of directly implementing a change reported in MSR, we have added some few other interdependent changes while updating map.
    E.g. -
    For a missing POI report, instead of adding a new POI, we can achieve the same by changing the location of an existing POI (same category or business) which no longer exists.

    Thanks, Vikram :)
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    @VikramK I see, thanks for your reply. Could you look into the traffic and other issues I mentioned in a private message?

    I find that the ATM / Cash Dispenser , POI database in my area is not good and the traffic.

    I asked that this construction thing be gone as no more roadworks, still there.