Vehicle Icon? TomTom Go Camper

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I use my Go Camper and switch between using it for my car and my car and caravan. I keep missing which mode/vehicle I am in. Am I missing some obvious icon that shows which vehicle is currently active that I am planning a route for?


  • Willy875
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    Define your vehicle type select the vehicle type, then Motorhome (heavy / light) or Vehicle with caravan in the list that appears there is no other icon that appears on the screen.
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    Yea, I know. But on the iPhone app there is a little icon which shows which vehicle is active when you plan a route, the Go Camper does not seem to show one.
    It’s a basic user interface improvement.
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    Hi @XRayLexx

    It has been mentioned before however it would be nice if @lampard could confirm it has been passed on to the developers as an improvement suggestion. It would be a good addition.