VF3W battery replacement

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Does anyone know where I can purchase a VF3W battery for a Rider 410. Or is there a comparable battery which can be used?


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    Thought it was on Ebay but now realise I had miss read it. Sorry about that

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    Hello, is there a solution in sight?
    Could Tomtom perhaps comment on how the manufacturer's support looks like?

    Thanks Tobias
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    I have a Rider 450 with a defunct battery - not uncommon!
    The failed battery is a model VF3W 3.6V 3220 mAh.
    Unfortunately, this is no longer available as best I can tell, and impossible to find on the Net, etc.
    I've seen a post from someone who suggested an alternative VF3A [capacity 1100 mAh] which seems to be readily available.
    I've tried this on my Rider, and it works!
    Clearly the capacity is reduced to about a third but if like me you have the Rider powered from the bike, reduced capacity is almost irrelevant.
    A few notes:
    The battery is smaller and thinner, but this is not a problem. I 'stuck' the new battery in with Blue Tack which seems pretty secure.
    There are 4 very small fiddly rings to aid water tightness. When reassembling the unit, I coated these rings in Vaseline and used a small screwdriver poked through the hole to guide each into position. Then simply push the rings into their final position with a 2nd screwdriver.
    When powering on for the first time, wait about half an hour of charging before trying to use it. You get the initial TomTom 'drums sound' straight away, but the screen remains blank for some time.
    I found this YouTube video clip very useful:
    Good luck!