How do I see speed cameras on Go Expert?

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I have recently purchased a Go Expert and I am struggling to figure out how to see speed cameras. Does anyone know where I can enable it?


  • Niall
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    See page 12 of the manual
    You can access the Speed Camera Alerts service on your TomTom GO Expert through an active internet connection.
    NOTE: TomTom’s Speed Camera Alerts service may not be available in the country you are driving through. For drivers traveling through France, TomTom provides the Danger and Risk Zone Warnings service. In Switzerland and Germany, the use of devices that alert users to the locations of fixed and mobile speed camera locations are prohibited. In compliance with these laws, speed camera alerts have been deactivated on all TomTom GPS Sat Navs. You can, however, reactivate these alerts for travel outside Germany and Switzerland. Since the legality of speed camera alerts varies throughout the EU, this service is available for use at your own risk. TomTom assumes no liability for your use of these alerts and warnings.
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    Hi @bhimrakas9089

    May be an idea to look back here on Monday to see what @lampard has to say after he has had a chance to look at your units settings on the TT servers in case they need adjusting re Traffic/ Cameras.

    One thing I would suggest is that you select a Computerised voice rather than a Recorded voice as by doing this you can set the unit up to Verbally tell you there is a camera, including the type of cameras, rather than just a brief Bong. You should also see the cameras displayed on the map and in the Route bar.

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    Hi @bhimrakas9089

    Welcome to the Community! I don't see any speed camera updates installed on your device in the backend. Please connect the device to WiFi and download all the speed cameras available for installation for the map currently installed on your device. You need to just select the country you wish to install and then select 'Download/Install'.

    Best, lampard