Why have my Speed cameras been deactivated?

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When I purchased my Via 135 it came with speed cameras and free lifetime map updates - map updates still working but the speed camera notifications have stopped - I was aware that speed cameras would not be updated but when I bought the product it came with speed cameras (no mention that if I did not subscribe that they would be deactivated) - looks like the goalposts have been moved or is there a fault on my sat nav? Just thinking about it - It appears that you have broken the contract between us - as the sat nav came with maps AND speed cameras and you have now disabled one of the functions - your comments would be very much appreciated. - also I would have thought that with all the competition you receive from Google, Waze etc that you would be wanting to keep customers and not alienate them from future purchases.


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    Hi leswoj
    It seems that tomtom havn't read your post properly. They're so good at that :)
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    There was never a safe lifetime radar via 135
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    Stevolt wrote: »
    Hi leswoj
    It seems that Tomtom hasn't read your post properly. They're so good at that :)
    Firstly... I'm not a Tomtom employee, I'm a Tomtom user like yourself....
    I think this quote from my reply explains to user leswo's why he/she is not receiving Speed Cam Warning... Plus the useful links to the revised Tomtom Speed Cam T&C's and FAQs....
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    (Snip) Note... If your subscription has expired you will NOT receive any Speed cam warning on the device, even the old database is still installed....

    See T&C's 4.2 Subscriptions, renewals and Free Trials...
    Here... https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/legal/terms-and-conditions/#4YourAccountandyoursubscriptions

    Tomtom Speed Cam FAQ….
    See... https://help.tomtom.com/hc/en-gb/articles/360015806999
    Stay Safe... ATB YFM

    As far as I recall, the Via 135 was supplied with a 3 Months free Speed Cams trial....
    I assume that after the 3 Months free Speed Cams trial, any Speed Cam warnings announced on the device would have been using an historic/obsolete Speed Cam Database ???

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    Hello @leswoj

    I believe that it came with 3 months trial as others have stated though it is a lifetime map.

    If you wish to risk it, there is this 3rd party website that offers a download of a file that will have speed cameras.

    It would really be recommended to upgrade your aging GPS to a newer one or get the free Amigo App or the GO premium app on iOS/Android/Appgallery


    ^^ This is unsure if it is trustworthy

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    Why have my speed cameras been deactivated? My Tom Tom GO 600 was purchased with LIFETIME updates including speed cameras.
    Why am I now expected to pay for them? The device works perfectly and I can update the map, but NOT the speed cameras.
    Tom Tom offers tp sell me speed cameras, therefore the device IS capable of working with them.
    That implies that the device is still in its LIFETIME. Can anyone explain why Tom Tom now want paying for something that is included in the LIFETIME of the device?
    I don't know who sees this message, but trying to contact Tom Tom is a NIGHTMARE!!
    Can anyone offer an explanation please.
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    Hi @Danny_D123456789_100
    I don't see any issue with the subscriptions on your TomTom GO 600 (serial number ending 775).

    As per the download logs, I see the latest updates were installed today(22nd April 2022). Where exactly have you been asked for a payment?
    Is there a screenshot/picture you can share?


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    When I wanted to download the latest version of my maps, I was NOT offered the latest speed cameras! Instead I was offered the option to BUY the speed cameras.
    As I have stated above, the cameras are for the lifetime of the device, so why am I being asked to buy them? I have taken a screenshot of the Tom Tom My Drive Connect page showing there are no cameras offered. Another screenshot is showing the offer to sell me speed cameras.
    I don't under stand why I am expected to pay for something offered inclusive for the LIFETIME of the device..
    All Tom Tom does is bombard me with offers to buy another device. Why should I when the device I have works perfectly well, is this a case of built in obsolescence?

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    On the account page where you see the speed camera special offer is a website error, and I have raised an internal ticket for it already.
    The updates for speed cameras are released twice every week, Tuesday and Thursday, so the next updates should get offered as usual during this week.

    As I mentioned in my earlier post, the speed cameras updates are active for the lifetime of your device.

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    Hello Vikram.
    Thank you for your help in resolving my problem. I have just updated my speed cameras. I can only assume that when I have previously updated my device, it has been a Tuesday or Thursday because the camera option has always been there.

    Now that I have your information, I'll know when to update next time.
    Thank you again,