Free trial is over, how to pay?

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As I don't have Google services, I sideloaded Tomtom GO to my phone. It worked very well for the last month, and helped me a lot to avoid traffic jams. Now the trial is over, I don't seem to find a way to make a purchase.
I hoped that I'll find some webshop over here, but all I get is links to google play.
In the app itself, where I could see plans, I get an "oops something went wrong" message only.
Am I overlooking something, or really there is no way to purchase a licence / subscription without involving Google?
Thanks in advance.

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  • lampard
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    Hi @klt

    Welcome to the Community! If the app works fine for you, there's an option to buy subscriptions on the TomTom webshop. Below you can find the links:
    1- Month
    3- Month
    6- Month
    12- Month

    Best, lampard
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    The links above are for the UK. It looks like for Hungary there's only one option for 12 months:
  • lampard
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    Ah, thanks Jürgen!
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    Thank you both @lampard , @Jürgen !
    I had some head scratching about tricking to buy on the GB site, I had some login problems there, not sure about the real cause, I was redirected to 404, but before that I saw the order options for a second or shorter time.
    Jürgen's post showed me the right place, I could place my order flawlessly, and paid it via credit card.
    I would choose the yearly plan on the GB site anyway, so no problem, if that's the only option on the "en_hu" site. :))

    Now it's going to be a long weekend, but on tuesday another week starts with jammed roads, and I'll keep gonig on with Tomtom go.
    It's now automagically activated, after I logged in to my tomtom account from the app. (It told me about successfully tranferring some previous purchases, I assume this is the way it should work now. :wink:

    I bookmarked the as I'm gonig to need it next year...
    Thank you for your help, I can't explain how much I appreciate!
    Take care
    Laszlo Kovacs