Support expired?

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Hello, when loading I see every time that support is no longer provided on my 1005 It can't just be broken with the service of your TomTom. There is a SIM card in it for the storage of updates, so plenty of room. This 1005 looks like new, why don't they buy it back and discount the new one. purchase. You are put with your back against the wall as if it all costs nothing, I think this is very rude to disadvantage the customers.


  • lampard
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    Hi @does

    Welcome to the Community! You can get in touch with our support and see what they've to offer you for the purchase of the new device. The SIM card inside the device has been deactivated since there's no activity since 2018 and can't be reactivated. If you no longer require LIVE Services, you can continue to use your device to navigate.

    If you wish to use the same device, connect it to the computer and check for updates via MyDrive Connect software.

    Best, lampard
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    Hi @does

    Not all GO1005 devices have been declared obsolete. Those that have I think are the ones with no facility to add an extra memory card. It sounds like your unit has an inbuilt Mobile Sim for Live Services and that has been deactivated because it has not been used, ie the service has not been renewed ie subjectt to subscription, or the device itself has not been use forsome time as happens too Mobile Phone Sims if not use for some time. If that is the case the sim cannot be reactivated however whilst you should still be able to get Map updates or new maps etc you will not get live services.