Best Tom Tom for truck driving

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I am looking for advice on the right kind of Tom Tom . It needs to have the following functions for it to be useful to me. Here are the main functions I am looking for:
1. Can have the destination entered using map coordinates (degrees, minutes, seconds)
2. Able to add waypoints/drops after setting the destination (my firm wants me to approach destinations from a specific direction to avoid lorry congestion)
3. Reads out whatsapp messages to me so I don’t have to doff my glasses to read our group messages whilst I’m driving to read them
4. Live traffic updates
5. The ability to save routes I have travelled so I can repeat them (I might be doing the same route from farm to factory many times over a few days).
6. Built in dash cam (would be a good function but not essential)

Can you tell me of any of the Tom Toms will be able to perform all of these functions.

Thank you!