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Years ago I bought the Tomtom App for my iPhone, I paid U$ 69.00 and today I can't use it anymore because it asks me to pay again. and I'm really upset about it because I paid for a lifetime account. I didn't use it for years and every time I try to log into the account it directs me to Tomtom Go. I need help to resolve my account, without having to pay monthly fees

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    Hi @LuisVelloso

    Welcome to the Community! The TomTom app which you're referring to was the first generation app. We removed the old TomTom Navigation and are no longer able to support or offer updates for it. It was replaced by GO Mobile App and now it's in the 3rd generation, i.e. Go Navigation App.

    Maybe get in touch with the support via Chat/Email and see what they say.

    Best, lampard
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    Thank you for your feedback however I have already tried to contact you via chat but only robots respond I would like someone from Tom Tom support to get back to me

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    Hi @LuisVelloso, you have to type talk to agent, make sure you are signed in.