TomTom Go app rev. 2.8 has still no traffic bug on KPN NL

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Well.... I have to congratulate TomTom that version 2.8 still DID NOT fix the connectivity problems to the traffic servers, when you're on cellular data connection. Though at home, I turned off WIFI and let it run on cellular for a while. You see that after 10 minutes or so, connection to traffic is lost. Cloud connection remains (I've seen that one failing as well, so maybe you fixed something).

Well.. for some of us, including me (KPN NL, 5G).

AFAIK, it's related to KPN NL fully supporting IPv6 (among some other providers in the UK and Australia). Apparently, your code doing DNS look ups to TomTom servers is messed up. which surprises me because other apps don't have these issues, e.g. Google and Sygic.

I already entered a ticket once for this and frankly your support is clueless, useless and helpless (I suspect it's run from an "offshore" location, India ?).

Please contact me if you need diagnostics/debugging information.

This problem is present in the iOS app since last year (think March).

There was mention of a SDK update in 2.8, not sure if this 2.8 build has a SDK version with this fixed.

Let's call it trying to exceed by incompetence... ?


- VPN still fixes it. Probably because via VPN, IPv6 is not supported, just IPv4
- There's also a bug that when you turn on VPN BEFORE starting the route, the app crashes. When you switch to VPN AFTER starting the route, it is OK.

Fix your stuff please, it's ridiculous I'm paying for a non-functional app.