How do I activate traffic on my TomTom Essential?

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One year license bought, paid for.


  • DougLap
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    Hi @EdTh-GO5100

    Do you mean Traffic or Cameras. Traffic does not require a subscription but Cameras do after 6 months.

  • EdTh-GO5100
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    Dear Doug
    Sorry, but I bought the following

    Radarkamera-Updates – Monatliches Abonnement

    TomTom Traffic Europe - 1 year

    but I cannot install ist.
    How does the installation work?

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    The status of the order must first be "Completed". It can take up to 48 hours.
    If it is "Completed" and you do not receive it within the next week, please contact support.
    You can check the status in your account on the TT homepage.

    9ga36ckzyu0l.png if you open the image above with rightclick it is shown bigger

    Sometimes it happens that the service is not assigned to the serial number of the device. However, this can also be corrected by the support team
    I have described how to contact the support here:
    If it is activated, you should find it in the device under Menü/Einstellungen/Updates und neue Elemente auf dem Navi Display.
    Or you can look in MyDrive Connect to see if it is available for download.