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I am using the TomTom Go Proffesional 6250 for 6 months and I found few things quite annoying esspecialy if you are using the navigation every day as a tools in the work place. The rest of navigation it is exelant.

1. Navigation itself,

During the drive I have to plan the breaks, and I am working o times, would be nice to have option to switch between times and distance on approaching parkings on the side chart by clicking on the screen.

2. Navigation itself and mydrive

I am adding more and more clients, washing stations, petrol stations, crossing abroad places, workstations etc, and when I am planing the routes it is very diffiults to distinguish between them on the chart. Would be nice to have an option to defince the difrent color of the pin star on the chart. Presently I have to click firts to find out what the marker means.


My list in the my places it is bigger and bigger and it is very difficul to find out the propper client to which I have to go.
Would be nice to have search box in the my places which will allow me to write begining of the name and the list will be filltered.

I would like to ask for those options,
I really have to have them or I'll go crazy with the time.